The SMAI provides programs and benefits to members throughout Indonesia. With the International Suzuki Association (ISA)Asia Region Suzuki Association (ARSA), SMAI promotes and supports the spread of Dr. Suzuki’s teachings and philosophy.

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Benefits of Membership
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Membership Levels

Active Members: Individual – Rp. 350.000/ year

Any student/ individual shall be eligible for Individual membership if enrolled for tuition with a teacher member or shows interest in furthering the purposes and objectives of SMAI.

Active Members: Family – Rp. 500.000/ year

A family shall be eligible for Family Membership when at least one child is enrolled for tuition with a teacher member.

Active Members: Teachers – Rp. 350.000/ year

SMAI Teacher members are those who are pursuing to be accredited as a Suzuki Teacher and have the appropriate qualifications and background. Teachers need to be SMAI members to join the teacher training courses.

Benefits of Membership

Teacher Development Program

Short Courses, Workshops, Guest Teachers, Mentoring and Support for Teacher Members, Scholarships

Registry Program

Register of Teachers and Members that allows for Suzuki Association members to network anywhere in Indonesia

Workshops, Conferences and Gatherings

Members only program of events

Scholarship Program

Subsidies for teacher training and students based on need and merit

Organizational Support

Support for teacher training and advice for developing Suzuki programs in schools and studios

SMAI Journal

Email updates of events, opportunities and articles on parent education.

SMAI 2009 Newsletter
SMAI 2010 Newsletter
SMAI 2012 Newsletter
SMAI Newsletter 2015 March
SMAI Newsletter 2015 September
SMAI Newsletter 2016 October
SMAI Newsletter 2017 October

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Graduations can be a great source of anticipation, motivation and inspiration for parents and students when well prepared. After a long period of review and preparation the SMAI teacher will inform the parent/ child that they may now perform all the songs by memory for a recital or take a video recording. The graduation videos are sent to SMAI for an assessment. The lead teacher of instrument being studied will assess the recording with a minimum of one other teacher or an ARSA teacher trainer to determine if the student has reached ‘graduation standard.’ Students will receive helpful feedback and assistance whether they pass or need to repeat the assessment. Successful ‘graduates’ will receive a SMAI graduation certificate and recognition in the biannual SMAI newsletter graduation announcements page.

NEW!: Graduation Assessment Fee:

Starting January 2015 a fee will be charged for each successfully completed graduation to offset the cost of the examiners. This fee schedule is for the Jabotabek area only. SMAI will continue to subsidize graduations from outside of Jabotabek.

Book 1 – 2: Rp. 250.000.
Book 3 – 4: Rp. 300.000.
Book 5 and Up: Rp. 350.000.

Join or Renew TODAY!

To join the SMAI or to renew your membership download the SMAI Membership Form to mail or fax or scan/ email in with a copy of the bank transfer slip. Membership is not considered complete until a copy of the bank transfer slip is received. Annual membership renewal notices will be issued based on the date of transfer/ payment of fees.

Membership Application Form – Download the PDF version | Word version.

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