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Upcoming Events

January 16, 2017
CMC & SPHLV Teacher's Meeting

January 17, 2017
SECE Introduction for Parents at SPH-LV

January 20, 2017
Violin Master Classes by Tomislav Dimov

January 24, 2017
First SECE Class at SPH-LV

February 2, 2017
CNY Event: Violin Recital & Party

February 3, 2017
Violin Master Classes by Amelia Tionanda

February 11, 2017
Camerata Indonesia Student Concerto

February 12, 2017
'Love Melodie' Music Recital

March 8, 2017
SPH-LV Annual Strings Concert

March 20, 2017
Symphony School Tour

March 22-26, 2017
Piano Teacher Training Book 2
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March 24-28, 2017
Suzuki Method Presentation in Malang, East Java

March 25, 2017
CMC 'Spring Festival' Home Concert

April 8-12, 2017
Suzuki ECE Teacher Training (Stage 1 and 2)
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April 28, 2017
Annual Symphony Concert
Guest Conductor: Ed van Ness

May 14, 2017
SMAI Grand Concert

May 21, 2017
Violin Master Classes by Therese Wirakesuma

June 2-3, 2017
Strings Festival

September 12-16, 2017
Violin Teacher Training Book 3

October 28-30, 2017
Master Classes & Teacher Workshop by Christoph Bossuet - France

June 25-29, 2018
Suzuki Institute of Indonesia 2018
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The Suzuki Music Association of Indonesia (SMAI) seeks to advance the future generations of Indonesia through the Suzuki Method. We aim to develop citizens of character through the learning of classical music.

Shinichi Suzuki (1898-1998) was a Japanese violin teacher who discovered an approach to learning music called the ‘Mother Tongue’ Method. Suzuki demonstrated that children as young as 3 years old can learn to play the violin in the same manner as learning language: with the care and love of the family, an environment of listening, encouragement and support, and step by step practice, performance and review of a repertoire of fine classical music.

SMAI was established in July 2009 to develop the philosophy and teaching Method of Dr. Shinichi Suzuki’s in Indonesia. SMAI is a member of Asia Region Suzuki Organization, the interim organization that oversees Suzuki Method activities in the Asia Region under the supervision of the International Suzuki Association (ISA). SMAI members can participate and network with other Suzuki families and teachers around the world.


As a non-profit organization our programs and activities:

  • Create healthy learning communities of parents, teachers and children
  • Support the learning of music in early childhood education
  • Develop teacher’s abilities and quality of life
  • Reach out to all levels of society
  • Student, parent and teacher members interconnect through events, newsletters, and gatherings.

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